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Sawyer Dining Chair

It might not be as noticeable as other chairs at first glance, but the Sawyer Dining Chair grows on you as time goes on and leaves a lasting impression. This understated and simple armless chair features a high-profile backrest in rectangular shape and soft upholstered seat. The slim legs support…

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Enzo Dining Table

A classic and minimalistic piece of art, the Enzo contemporary dining table is the one you've been waiting for and a superb choice for any modern dining space. The Enzo will seat 8-10 guests comfortably with its generous 95 inch total length (includes 16 inch twin-leaf extensions). Chromed steel…

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Aiden Dining Table - 51“

Crafted for style, the Aiden modern dining table offers a clear fusion of contemporary beauty and sharp geometric shapes. Aiden features striking structural details with its square tempered glass table top a statement-making brushed steel base. Seats 4-8 guests.

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Brulee Dining Table

Sharp scandanavian design melds with industrial stainless steel to create a modern day masterpiece in our 87-inch Brulee Dining Table. Select from hardwood veneers in wenge or sonoma walnut finish or high gloss white lacquer table tops. Either way, you'll be purchasing a landmark impression to be…

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Lenora Dining Table

The Lenora Dining Table is a beautiful work of art that embodies innovation and simplicity. This oval table is designed for modern, elegant dining rooms. A reverse-pyramid table top on a tapering base offers one grand appearance, comfortably seating up to 8 guests. Available in wenge or white…

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Citadel Extension Dining Table

The neutral colors of this Citadel Extension Dining Table make it easy to match with all your existing furniture. The glass top was designed and manufactured for the modern home and reinforced so you can set glasses, plates, and a whole lot more on top. The marble base is the height of luxury and…

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Roman Dining Table

Use the Roman Dining Table as a stunning focal point to your dining area. Create a beautiful tablescape on its long rectangular top supported by V-shaped high gloss stainless steel legs. The base is coated in dark brown and wide enough to stabilize this chic and modern table. Truly a minimalist…

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Chevre Dining Table

The perfect harmony of modern balance and multimedia, the Chevre Dinning Table pirouettes beautifully on a single high gloss pedestal base. From its stainless steel floor plate to its 63-inch lacquer and glass top, none of your guests can deny its unmistakable chic style and geometric appeal.

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Allan Dining Table

During hot summer days, take your party outside with the Allan Bistro table. With it's aluminum top it will stand up in the elements as well as add flare to any bar or kitchenette.

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Nero Dining Table

The 71-inch Nero Modern Dining Room Table is the epitome of elegance. The exquisite black marble with veining atop the polished stainless steel base will effortlessly become an eye catching focal point to your dining room. This Contemporary Dining Table proves that form and functionality can…

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Osmond Dining Table

Designed with elegant modern living in mind, the Osmond Dining Table is an interesting study in simplicity and function. Dine in style on its clear glass top tempered for added resiliency and rectangle-shaped to accommodate six or more people at the same time. It has a single rectangular frame base…

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Alanzo Dining Chair

This beautiful modern dining chair comes well dressed to any dinner party.

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Bishop Dining Chair

Dining in style is easy thanks to the Bishop Dining Chair with high, rigid back and mid-sized seat complemented with shorter-than-usual arm rests. The L-shaped legs are coated in chrome and adds stability to a symmetric chair. Make your dining room one of the most lavish places in your home with…

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Corona Dining Table

Lusterous grey glass and a durable all weather white frame make our Corona Dining Table a crowd favorite. Use our Corona Dining chairs to complete the look and watch your backyard transform into an oasis of infinite possibilities.

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Aada Dining Table

…the modern dining room, this Aada Dining Table makes a striking impression every time. The top is made from high-quality glass in rectangle shape balanced on multiple poles flared and polished to sleekness for a contemporary industrial vibe. Let it blend in by pairing this dining table with…

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Emmerson Dining Table

…rock gray and supported by a long rectangle-shaped bar underneath. The table is set aloft by an A-shaped base which tapers at the top and thickens at the bottom. Match with black or white dining chairs with rounded back. Metallic dining chairs are also good options for this modern dining table.

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Fiore Blue Dining Chair

The rich Fiore Blue Dining Chair is constructed with angular chrome legs and a low maintenance deep blue leatherette finished with monochromatic stitching. The incomparable quality of this contemporary dining chair is suited for home, office or commercial use.

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Marquis Extension Dining Table

dining table with character and flair. This Marquis Extension Dining Table lives up to its name with the large rectangular table top in medium gray hue. The legs are thick and angled for a unique look and attached to a smaller rectangle-shaped base. Can seat many people, making it the perfect dining

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Nicia Dining Chair

Go for an artistic flair and add elegant drama to your dining room with the Nicia Dining Chair. It resembles a stylish director's chair with the X-shaped base and boxy low rise back slightly wider than regular chairs. The spacious seat is padded and covered in supple leatherette, while the rubber…

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Grian Dining Table

…your modern dining room with this Grian Dining Table. This spacious piece can accommodate your small family with its wide table top, but it doesn't take up too much space with its multiple angled legs. Its smooth surface and simple base make it easy to clean. Pair with dark-colored dining chairs to…

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Franco Dining Table

…with the elegance the Franco Dining Table exudes. Its simple, clean lines make it the perfect centerpiece for your dining room while the clear glass top is durable enough so you can lay out a feast for your family or friends. With polished steel frame and legs. Perfect with walnut dining chairs.

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Sieste Dining Table

Splayed legs and oval glass give the Sieste Dining Table a mod feel. Has a handsome walnut color finish.

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Malone Dining Table

Create an inviting dining room with the Malone Dining Table. It features long rectangular clear glass top tempered for added durability which is supported by two long bars on top and curved metal base. The base is coated in medium gray paint, providing a contrast to the clear glass table. Its…

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Decca Dining Table

The Decca Dining Table doubles as an art piece with its geometric base. This minimalist dining table features a rectangular top with smooth wood grain finish and stable legs. Ideal for families and people who hold dinner parties often. Wipe to clean and apply furniture polish for additional shine.…

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Palmera Dining Table

Frosted white glass and and a heavy duty white frame make our Palmera table the hit of any backyard social. Versatile in form and durable in fuction, this beautiful all weather dining table is a must for poolside entertaining. Add a cadre of Palmera Dining chairs and let the feast begin!

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Neroccio Extension Dining Table

…equally modern Neroccio Dining Table. Dine in style on its round glass table top mounted on stylish angled legs. But there's more to this table as its stylish table top can be extended and converted from round to oval with the built-in leaf mechanism. Once extended, this dining table can accommodate…

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Trave Dining Table 48"

With it's sleek and modern design, the Trave dining table will expand any small space with its tempered glass top and chrome pedestal base.

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Trave Dining Table 42"

With it's sleek and modern design, the Trave dining table will expand any small space with its tempered glass top and chrome pedestal base.

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Trave Dining Table 36"

With it's sleek and modern design, the Trave dining table will expand any small space with its tempered glass top and chrome pedestal base.

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Bender Dining Table

Splayed legs and oval top give the Bender Dining Table a mod feel. This tables features a handsome walnut color finish.

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Raycer Dining Table

This minimalist table is perfect for the modern dining room. The table's legs balance high-quality tempered glass. The table's top is available in a cool grey color or a clear glass

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Alton Dining Table

The Alton Dining Table lends a fresh approach to design with its modern vibe mixed with simple, straight lines along its rectangular table top. This smart extending table is fitted with strong, durable legs with matte finish and the long table top is made from resilient glass where you can set a…

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Massalia Extension Dining Table

The Massalia Extending Dining Table was created for family meals, as well as dinners with friends and neighbors. It features a long rectangle tabletop which comfortably accommodates up to six people, but you can also add two more people once extended. Simply push the table panels apart and draw out…

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Enzo Dining Chair

We can't say enough about the retro/modern cafe-inspired Enzo modern dining chair. This rounded back, metallic leatherette chair will make all your cleanups easy and your next dining experience a perfectly fabulous one. Also versatile enough to use in a contemporary office or a commercial setting,…

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Cathedra Dining Chair

This Cathedra Dining Chair adds an unexpected spark of brilliance to your home with its simple and zen design. It has a simple square-shaped seat where you can comfortably rest and matching mid-length back plus arm rests. The L-shaped legs are coated in chrome and add stability to a symmetric chair.…

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Pallia Dining Chair

Transform a dining room quickly with flair and elegance with the addition of the Pallia Dining Chair. It has a high and slim back with stitch accent, plus soft seat upholstered in premium materials. The L-shaped legs are coated in chrome and adds stability to a symmetric chair. Pair this chair with…