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Leather Dining Chairs


Lyon Dining Chair - Set of 2

The Lyon Dining Chair comes with modern comfort and style that you can easily install in your home. It is made with leatherette cushion framed by polished chromed steel. The cantilever base allows for a slight bounce and reclining which is perfect your desired back support. Designed with a slim…


Philip Armless Dining Chair - Set of 2

The Philip Armless Dining Chair will be the first thing you'll notice as you enter your dining room with its quilted exterior and unique, balanced cantilever design. This chair features a medium backrest padded for added comfort and soft seat in similar square shape. The L-shaped base is made from…


Marcel Dining Chair - 4 PC Set

As conference or dining chair, the Marcel Chair simply works. It is made with a leatherette sling and a chromed steel tube frame. Comes in a set of 4.


Leon Stacking Side Chair - Set of 2

Beauty is mixed with mid-century aesthetics in this Leon Stacking Side Chair (Set of 2). It features a unique curved disk backrest that contrasts with the square seat and slim pole legs. It can function as a dining chair or as an extra seating whenever unexpected guests arrive.


Noel Stacking Side Chair - Set of 4

Have the Noel Stacking Side Chair (Set of 4) handy each time you have guests at home or in the office. It features a contoured high backrest and spacious slim seat supported by slim legs. Stackable and wrapped in premium regenerated leather for warm a and chic finish.


Paros Dining Chair - Set of 2

Create an inviting atmosphere in your dining room when you complete it with the Paros Dining Chair. Its rectangular backrest that is tapered at the top allows you to sit back and relax after a good meal, while the padded seat is soft enough so eating in comfort becomes a reality. The U-shaped chrome…


Triglav Dining Chair - Set of 2

With upholstery done in soft synthetic leather that sits on a polished stainless steel frame, this sleek Triglav Dining Chair has enough character to amp up the look of your dining room. Its' comfort and elegance combine to create an artfully functional chair. This chair is sold in sets of 2.


Rachel Dining Chair - Set of 2

…of the Rachel Dining Chair (Set of 2) will lend a subtle elegance to your dining room. The durable backrest and seat are padded with premium foam and covered with supple leatherette, while set on top of brushed stainless steel legs. Perfect for pairing with a tempered glass dining table or a simple…


Caprica Leather Dining Chair

The Caprica Dining Chair can turn heads but still manages to blend in any contemporary home. Its smooth curves ensure a streamlined look, while its upholstered body makes the whole piece a study in elegance and style. With its' angled rear legs the Caprica has an impressive silhouette. Plus the…


Esteli Top Grain Leather Dining Chair

Complete your elegant dining room with this Esteli Dining Chair in luxurious top grain alabaster white leather. It features a lovely curved backrest and plush seat that exudes comfort each time you sit down to eat. It has a timeless wrap-around design on brushed stainless steel legs.


Enol Dining Chair

The Enol Dining Chair is an outlier in design with its slightly curved tall back and unique slim armrests. This slender piece features a square seat set on equally slender frame and legs. Each Enol Dining Chair is covered in resilient reclaimed leather from the tip of the backrest down to its legs.


Cathedra Dining Chair

…Cathedra Dining Chair adds an unexpected spark of brilliance to your home with its simple and zen design. It has a simple square-shaped seat where you can comfortably rest and matching mid-length back plus arm rests. The L-shaped legs are coated in chrome and add stability to a symmetric chair. Take…


Saba Dining Chair

There's a subtle beauty in the Saba Dining Chair's zen design starting from its low backrest to the simple frame shape. With a wide seat and slender legs that defy expectations to support a variety of weights. Snugly wrapped in bonded leather and ideal for contemporary dining rooms.


Saba Dining Arm Chair

…a subtle beauty in the Saba Dining Arm Chair's zen design starting from its low backrest to its simple armrests that flare outward. With a wide seat and slender legs that defy expectations to support a variety of weights. Snugly wrapped in bonded leather and ideal for contemporary dining rooms.


Pallia Dining Chair

Transform a dining room quickly with flair and elegance with the addition of the Pallia Dining Chair. It has a high and slim back with stitch accent, plus soft seat upholstered in premium materials. The L-shaped legs are coated in chrome and adds stability to a symmetric chair. Pair this chair with…


Revere Dining Chair

…to admire in this Revere Dining Chair starting with its versatile neutral color and slim design. Created for the modern home, this chair is elegance at its finest with its high back and mid-sized seat with solid base. This chair was designed for pairing with a glass top dining table with dark coated…


Magna Dining Chair

The Magna Dining Chair's modern design will look good on an equally modern dining table. The chair is given that dainty look as it is perched on top of inverted V-shaped carbon steel hairpin legs. With a simple curved chair seamed at the middle, making it a great piece for modern homes.


Alanzo Dining Chair

This beautiful modern dining chair comes well dressed to any dinner party.


Nicia Dining Chair

Go for an artistic flair and add elegant drama to your dining room with the Nicia Dining Chair. It resembles a stylish director's chair with the X-shaped base and boxy low rise back slightly wider than regular chairs. The spacious seat is padded and covered in supple leatherette, while the rubber…


Sawyer Dining Chair

It might not be as noticeable as other chairs at first glance, but the Sawyer Dining Chair grows on you as time goes on and leaves a lasting impression. This understated and simple armless chair features a high-profile backrest in rectangular shape and soft upholstered seat. The slim legs support…


Fiore Blue Dining Chair

The rich Fiore Blue Dining Chair is constructed with angular chrome legs and a low maintenance deep blue leatherette finished with monochromatic stitching. The incomparable quality of this contemporary dining chair is suited for home, office or commercial use.


Enzo Dining Chair

We can't say enough about the retro/modern cafe-inspired Enzo modern dining chair. This rounded back, metallic leatherette chair will make all your cleanups easy and your next dining experience a perfectly fabulous one. Also versatile enough to use in a contemporary office or a commercial setting,…


Noah Dining Chair

The Noah Dining Chair is something a modern home needs have. This mid-profile chair features a rectangular backrest slightly curved for a comfortable seating and spacious seat covered in premium leatherette. The chair legs defy conventional design with the slimness, characterizing a modern…


Montez Dining Chair

The discerning Montez contemporary dining chair is the ultimate in elegance and sophistication boasting a unique rounded high back, monochromatic stitching,sleek black leatherette detailing extending down to the legs.


Ishkhan Dining Chair

The Ishkhan Dining Chair is a study in geometry with its smooth lines and angles. It features a mid-profile backrest and seat supported on slim black steel hairpin legs. The backrest and seat are both upholstered in premium foam and smooth leatherette in dark grey or taupe. Pair with the matching…


Maggiore Dining Chair

Nothing comes close to the Maggiore Dining Chair when it comes to versatility. This thoroughly modern chair has a curved backrest which flares into wide and comfortable armrests. Padded and covered in smooth panels of Italian made leatherette to give it that touch of contemporary luxury. Set on a…


Odele Dining Chair

Its slim profile and stylish curves set the Odele Dining Chair apart from others. It has a high backrest that extends to curved armrests so the whole design is uninterrupted. The chair is spacious and padded to add comfort; covered with premium fabric that can withstand wear and tear.


Boston Dining Chair

Create a classic statement with the sophisticated Boston Modern Dining Chair. Its formal vertical seat back is designed for comfort and visual appeal. The Boston is beautifully finished with high quality leatherette for easy cleaning and unique stainless steel base. Available in brown, white or…


Samson Dining Chair

Beauty and form are combined in the Samson Dining Chair with its high back and curved spacious seat. It comes with a back cutout for a modern detail and slim legs with flared back for added stability. Pair it with a simple rectangular wood table or steel dining table that will complement its modern…


Vinn Dining Table

…on an wide X-shaped base with rubber buffer. This table can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth to keep it dirt and smudge-free, while its durable construction and design ensures that you will use this for years to come. Pair with a tufted white leather dining chair to complete its modern vibe.


Charlotte Dining Chair - Black

The exclusive Charlotte modern dining chair offers all the perks of modern seating with a few unique angular finishings. Charlotte features sophisticated black faux leather with beautiful tufting detail and stainless steel legs. The extra details result in an impressive design and luxurious comfort.…


Charlotte Dining Chair - Brown

The exclusive Charlotte contemporary dining chair offers all the perks of modern seating with a few unique angular finishings. Charlotte features sophisticated brown faux leather with beautiful tufting detail and stainless steel legs. The extra details result in an impressive design and luxurious…


Hadur Dining Chair - Set of 2

Marvel at the beauty and symmetry of the Hadur Dining Chair. Bedecked in smooth and supple leather, this chair features a curved rectangular backrest and square seat that provides a comfortable dining experience. It has a durable frame with slanted leg and finished with an ergonomic Z-shaped base.…


Caprica Leather Counter Stool

…its' angled rear legs and stainless steel footrest, the Caprica has an impressive silhouette. Ideal with a modern kitchen countertop or free-standing bar top. Plus the collection includes matching dining chairs for a seamless transition in your space. Best for use with tables approximately 36" high.


Franco Dining Chair - Set of 2

This Franco Dining Chair (Set of 2) is something you'll love if you're the no-frills kind of person. It comes with a wide padded seat upholstered in premium leatherette with durable brushed stainless steel frame and backrest. Pair with the Franco Dining Table and you're good to go.


Albans Dining Chair - Set of 2

Needs additional seats for your house or office? Then the Albans Side Chair is the perfect candidate. It features an angled backrest with seamed panels and a handy slot on top so you can move the chair easily from one room to another. The back and seat are upholstered in premium foam and soft…