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Wood Dining Table

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Tage Dining Chair - Set of 2

…with the Tage Dining Chair with a slightly high backrest and comfortable padded seat. The wide backrest offers complete support for your back and the seat is covered in resilient fabric. With thick wood legs that support people of different weights. Perfect with a glass or wood dining table.

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Broadway Extendable Dining Table

The Broadway extendable dining table is the perfect solution for everyday and entertaining table use. It easily transforms from a medium size (71-inch, with 8-person seating) to an extended (94-inch, with 10-person seating) table. The table top easily extends from both ends revealing a hidden center…

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Decca Dining Table

The Decca Dining Table doubles as an art piece with its geometric base. This minimalist dining table features a rectangular top with smooth wood grain finish and stable legs. Ideal for families and people who hold dinner parties often. Wipe to clean and apply furniture polish for additional shine.…

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Rosalba Dining Table

Dining Table deserves more than a second glance with successful blend of contrasting materials. This dining table defies expectations with its rectangular wood veneer top flush-mounted on angled clear glass legs. Apart from work-related topics and current events, this stylish and modern dining table

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Colville Extension Dining Table

…Colville Extension Dining Table is a marvel when it comes to design. At first glance, it seems like a regular dining table that features a rectangular wood tabletop with thick and stable base. Pull out the extension and that is where all the fun begins. It comes with an adjustable table that offers…

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Saida Square Dining Table

The Saida Dining Table is a great fit for a modern home. Its wood tabletop with walnut finish lends warmth to your dining room while its crossed X-shaped titanium metal base at the center of the table add a dash of contemporary style fused with an industrial vibe. This square table can easily…

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Espen Dining Table

The Espen Dining Table creates a simple yet noticeable focal point in your dining area. This dual colored piece features a long rectangular top spacious enough for the whole family or for dining with friends. The premium wood legs are thick and formed in an inverted V-shape to stand out, while the…

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Tabbart Dining Table

The dual colors and chic design of the Tabbart Dining Table will draw your eyes and make your dining room twice as unforgettable. This two tone piece features a warm wood top with detail at cone base in similar finish. The table's lower portion and flared base are coated with lacquer, lending it a…

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Trestle Dining Table

…this Trestle Dining Table. Set a sumptuous feast on its thick and clear glass top in rectangular shape and can be wiped to clean with a soft moist cloth. The top is supported by thick wood base to keep it stable as you celebrate with family and friends. Make the Trestle Dining Table the focal point…

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Holmes Dining Extension Table

…glass table with unique ends that can be folded or extended depending on the number of guests you have for the occasion. It comes with inverted V-shaped base made from long-lasting wood with medium coating. Wipe to get rid of dust and finger marks. Pair with tufted or grooved velvet dining chairs.

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Grian Dining Table

…your modern dining room with this Grian Dining Table. This spacious piece can accommodate your small family with its wide table top, but it doesn't take up too much space with its multiple angled legs. Its smooth surface and simple base make it easy to clean. Pair with dark-colored dining chairs to…

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Cambrie Dining Table

The Cambrie Dining Table's spacious top is made for celebrations with family and friends. The high gloss rectangular white glass top set on a white lacquer table is perched on top of a stylish two-tone pedestal base with half-moon cutouts. The base sides feature a warm walnut veneer that lends it a…

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Bender Dining Table

Splayed legs and oval top give the Bender Dining Table a mod feel. This tables features a handsome walnut color finish.


Roman Dining Table

Use the Roman Dining Table as a stunning focal point to your dining area. Create a beautiful tablescape on its long rectangular top supported by V-shaped high gloss stainless steel legs. The base is coated in dark brown and wide enough to stabilize this chic and modern table. Truly a minimalist…

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Cella Dining Table

There's a lot to admire in this Cella Dining Table, starting from its square tabletop with grooves that divide each square to its striking black lacquer coating. Spacious and sophisticated table with high-gloss top surface that accommodates up to eight people. This piece is set on angled basket…

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Fortizza Extension Dining Table

…It also features a unique slanted base and an extendable surface area, both of which lend it a modern look and functionality. Make gatherings more special with this table in your dining room. Part of the Fortizza Collection which includes a buffet, a dining table, and chairs. Each sold separately.

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Massalia Extension Dining Table

The Massalia Extending Dining Table was created for family meals, as well as dinners with friends and neighbors. It features a long rectangle tabletop which comfortably accommodates up to six people, but you can also add two more people once extended. Simply push the table panels apart and draw out…

30% OFF

Gillian Extension Dining Table

…Gillian Dining Table gracefully tapers toward the ends, producing a custom streamlined look only seen in elite furniture. A chic, sturdy stainless steel base completes the look, creating one of the cleanest, sharpest designs in modern dining today. Your search for the perfect dining table is over!

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Sampson Dining Table

Complete your modern dining room with the Sampson Dining Table. Look forward to mealtime with your family with this table's extending top that can accommodate at least six people at the same. The lacquered top is supported by angled legs set on top of a rectangular base. Easy to clean and the…

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Cecily Oval Dining Table

The perfect dining table to complement any fashionista. Sleek, clean and curvy. The tabletop is over 6 feet in diameter and the base is a graceful, seamless stem that blossoms out at the top to support the table. Engineered to be stable, styled to be noticed.

30% OFF

Cerise Dining Table

With a surprising twist on modern design, The Cerise Dining Table boasts transparent tempered glass panels that support a 79-inch beautiful, high gloss, white lacquer top. Your houseguests and family alike will continually compliment the clean sharp style created by this superb piece.

20% OFF

Ortler Dining Table

With this Ortler Dining Table, you can share a great meal with the special people in your life. It has a very inviting look as it combines the shine of modern home design with the warm welcome of a classic walnut finish on its cross-style base. Able to seat 6 people at once, it is ideal for a medium…

30% OFF

Chevre Dining Table

The perfect harmony of modern balance and multimedia, the Chevre Dinning Table pirouettes beautifully on a single high gloss pedestal base. From its stainless steel floor plate to its 63-inch lacquer and glass top, none of your guests can deny its unmistakable chic style and geometric appeal.

20% OFF

Rakel Dining Table

The Rakel Dining Table fits right into your modern home with dual colors and contemporary design. It features a slender rectangular white glass top spacious enough so you can make great memories with more people. With a concave pedestal with sleek white lacquer and contrasting walnut veneer. Can…

20% OFF

Cecily Round Dining Table

Almost 40” in diameter you can easily accommodate 4 of your equally trendy friends and family. The high gloss white top is the perfect backdrop for colorful mats, napkins or a centerpiece.

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Blanco Counter Dining Table

Functionality and world class design come together in our exclusive Blanco Counter Bar. High gloss white cabinetry creates a sleek and sharp presence while organizing and delighting you and your guests.

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Libris 87 Inch Dining Table

The Libris Dining Table successfully combines timeless design with industrial elements. Whether you want to use it at home or in the office, this chic dining table is a must-have. Its rectangular wood tabletop is perched on a unique metal base that provides more than enough legroom for you and your…

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Tavish 66 Inch Dining Table

…of modern and traditional elements to your home with the Tavish 66 Inch Dining Table. This no-nonsense piece features a walnut wood tabletop and legs with brushed stainless steel trim. The legs are angled to give the table a unique and modern look. Pair with matching chairs or a funky fabric choice.

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Blaize 87 Inch Dining Table

Traditional and contemporary elements are fused in the Blaize Dining Table. It has a solid oak wood top divided into two panels and decked out with a lovely butterfly spline wood detail at the middle. It is offset with a substantial brushed nickel base that offers adequate legroom for your family or…


Lenora Dining Table - Walnut

The Lenora Dining Table is a beautiful work of art that embodies innovation and simplicity. This oval table is designed for modern, elegant dining rooms. A reverse-pyramid table top on a tapering base offers one grand appearance, comfortably seating up to 8 guests. Available in wenge or white…

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Altadis 83 Inch Dining Table

…no-frills dining table, then you're in luck. The Altadis Dining Table exemplifies simplicity mixed with functionality with its classic rectangular wood tabletop and no-nonsense concrete pedestal base. Spruce it up by pairing it with the matching buffet and coordinating Pelfa or Kobol dining chairs.

20% OFF

Rive 87 Inch Dining Table

The Rive Dining Table is a study in contrasting elements that somehow suit each other. It features an Italian wood veneer tabletop flush-mounted on two clear glass base. Marvel at the beauty and design of this rectangular table as you host a sumptuous dinner for eight. Made in Italy.

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Barrett 47 Inch Dining Table

The Barrett Dining Table will add warmth and color to your lovely apartment or luxurious condo. This stylish round table has a sleek glass top balanced on a thick recessed base. Made from premium materials with wood grain or solid color finish and glossy painted glass top. Keep it free from dust…

20% OFF

Ishkhan 71 Inch Dining Table

…71 Inch Dining Table. Simple yet elegant, this dining table features a 1" thick rectangular top with an american walnut veneer and steel hairpin legs powder-coated matte black. Pair it with matching dining chairs to complete the look. Also available in a 36" round bar or counter height table.

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Giaccomo 54-Inch Round Dining Table

…angles of the Giaccomo 54-Inch Round Dining Table exude harmony and modern vibe. It features a round top with reverse beveled edge set on a cross-shaped brushed stainless steel base. Invite a couple of friends over or simply have fun with your family of four over dinner on this classic dining table.

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Donatella Dining Table - Long

Its length and beauty make this Donatella Dining Table unforgettable. Build great memories when you celebrate with family and friends on this table's long rectangular top. The angled geometric steel base is surprisingly delicate yet holds up a lot of weight. Can accommodate at least ten people and…