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Abstract Art

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Rite of Passage Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

Traditional and modern elements are combined in the Rite of Passage wall art. Toned-down colors reminiscent of fall are featured in this abstract piece, but the seeming monotony is broken by a bold dark slash of charcoal and a subtle hue of blue. Perfect for the modern office lobby or home. Each…


Cyprus Sunrise Canvas Art - 50" x 50"

…be far away from the Mediterranean right now, but you can always dream about Konnos or Makronissos beach thanks to the Cyprus Sunrise wall art. This abstract piece features vibrant blues and sunset gold brushstoke prints overlaid with splashes of white that resemble frothy waves. Ideal for the…


Sunburnt in Surat Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

…Sunburnt in Surat canvas wall art reminds one of a summertime mirage with its fiery tones of red. Slashes of red, yellow, and black are scattered on its surface to drip and bleed together to form this vibrant piece. Small patches of blue accent this chic abstract piece that will scorch any boring…


Concrete Deco Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

This Concrete Deco canvas wall art is chock-full of brooding yet striking three-dimensional shapes. Thoroughly modern, this abstract piece features bold and angular shapes printed in vibrant gold and subdued grey neutral tones. Ideal for the contemporary offices, boutiques, and homes. Each painting…


Tranquil Thoughts Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

The Tranquil Thoughts canvas wall art lives up to its name with its serene combination of muted blues and bright yellows. Vaguely resembling a De Stijl modernist cityscape, this abstract wall art will surely dominate any domicile while having a thoroughly calming effect. Each painting is hand…


Iberian Graffiti Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

…bright colors make this Iberian Graffiti canvas wall art a great addition to any room. Random brushstrokes all over come together in a symphony of abstract brilliance. Decorate your modern haven with this chic interpretation of street style art. Each painting is hand painted on gesso primed 260g…


Reflecting Horizons Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

…on a dark ocean. A sliver of warm yellow gives the impression of a pending sunrise while light gray layers make it appear less busy. This abstract wall art will take your breath away wherever you put it. Each painting is hand painted on gesso primed 260g heavy weight cotton canvas with high quality…

15% OFF

Pantomime Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

Part work of art and part Rorschach test, the Pantomime canvas wall art will have you staring at it for hours on end. This fabulous abstract artwork features an off-kilter grid background plus broad and generous strokes of black and yellow. Add a beautiful enigma to your house with this bold and…


Gravity in Balance Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

Upgrade an office or a contemporary living room with the modern Gravity in Balance canvas wall art. This abstract piece features seemingly random brushstrokes and colors that come together to in a delicate and harmonious asymmetry. Ideal for lakeside havens or urban jungles to inspire your…


Oceanfront View Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

…at this tranquil Oceanfront View canvas wall art. This print is a fusion of abstract elements and landscape with its serene turquoise foreground waves and beige top that resembles a sandbar seen from a Miami high-rise. Vibrant and modern, this wall art is the perfect way to finish a beachy condo or…


Dynamic Exposure Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

Like an aerial view of a busy cityscape, our Dynamic Exposure Canvas Art will jazz up any contemporary office or home. Layers of grey and taupe are enclosed with abstract borders of black and white to create a nuanced sense of depth. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with…


Sky on Fire Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

…the late afternoon make up this unique Sky on Fire Canvas Wall Art. Broad strokes of blue and gray resemble a cloudy sky, while deep orange and yellow strokes add life and color to this fanciful piece. Feast your eyes on a bold abstract beauty when you hang this in your living room or office. Each…


Foiled Concentration Canvas Art - 50" x 50"

Like a new idea not quite formed, our Foiled Concentration Canvas Art is a jumble of shapes in greys, gold and black. The faux collage style is like a neutral abstract dream. This might just be the missing piece you were looking for in your new office or home! Each piece is hand painted on 420g…