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Betty Stacking Side Chair--Set Of 4

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Bobbie Stacking Side Chair - Set of 4

The Bobbie Stacking Side Chair (Set of 4) exudes versatility with its cool bungee strap seat and mid-profile backrest. The straps are attached to a sleek and durable steel frame with chrome coating which matches your kitchen, living room, or even your office.


Bobbie Stacking Flat Side Chair - Set of 4

The Bobbie Stacking Side Chair (Set of 4) exudes versatility with its cool bungee strap seat and mid-profile backrest. The straps are attached to a sleek and durable steel frame with chrome coating which matches your kitchen, living room, or even your office.


Leon Stacking Side Chair - Set of 2

Beauty is mixed with mid-century aesthetics in this Leon Stacking Side Chair (Set of 2). It features a unique curved disk backrest that contrasts with the square seat and slim pole legs. It can function as a dining chair or as an extra seating whenever unexpected guests arrive.


Entourage Stack Chair - 4 PC Set

The Entourage Stack Chair boasts of a curved vented back and contoured wide seat. Perfect for the patio, kitchen, or office lobby, this chair is versatile at its best. With slim legs and made extremely light so it can be moved easily from one room to another. A masterpiece in minimalist design!…


Grazie Side Chair - Set of 4

The Grazie Side Chair stands alone when it comes to unique style. It's structure will provide support while looking great. Features durable regenerated leather over a laminated wood shell.


Jadrien Dining Chair - Set of 4

Bring a dash of elegance and modernity to your dining room with the 2-piece Jadrien Dining Chair Set. Remarkable in its simplicity and refinement, this chair boasts of a long rectangular backrest plus padded and upholstered square seat set on top of slim yet durable legs. Let it blend in by mixing…


Kobol Dining Chair - Set of 4

There's no better word to describe the Kobol Dining Chair (Set of 4) except versatile. This dining chair features a classic curved back and and padded seat both upholstered in a charcoal fabric. The slim matte black legs make a beautiful profile that diagonally mirrors the curved backrest. Great for…


Zilarra Side Table Set

…Zilarra Side Table Set is made just for the modern home with its smooth as silk black tempered glass top and sleek metal base. The dark glass table top is cut to a perfect circle and set on durable base that can be stacked together to save space. Set these nesting tables together on one side of your…


Sassy Stack Chair- 2 PC Set

Customize your office lobby or conference room with the Sassy Stack Chair. Made with a contoured back and seat with vented wave-like perforations, plus sturdy armrest support made from metal tubing. With slim metal legs and can be easily moved from one place to another with the sturdy casters. Comes…


BOLLA 4 POP Shelving

Configure space with color and geometric form. Bolla Pop Shelving is both a storage system and a room divider. Great selection of colors available to suit any environment. Shelves done differently. Bolla Pop shelving is an amazing combination of geometry and physics. Inner panels coil in and the…


Nexio Toiletpaper 4 Roll Holder

Stainless steel spare toilet roll holder by Blomus coordinates well with other Nexio bathroom accessories. Available in multiple finish options.


Zippi Plastic Stack Chair - 2 PC Set

A modern touch is what your office waiting room needs, so go ahead and get this Zippi Plastic Stack Chair. Guests will love its curved seat and vented back while waiting at the lobby. With slim legs made from sleek metal tubes and can be easily moved around with the multiple casters.


EYHOV Side Partition

Side partition can be positioned anywhere along the desk to expand and reduce personal desk space. Side partitions have a functional purse-hook attached for hanging jackets and bags.


Elvira Side Table

Your picturesque living room deserves the thoroughly modern Elvira Side Table. This chic piece is wholly fabricated from durable stainless steel and features several gentle curves at its side. The ideal piece for any contemporary home.


Faith Side Table

The Faith side table is simplicity at it's best. It's beautiful brushed nickel finish pairs well with any color scheme!

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Origami Side Table

…anything as simple as a side table can be a conversation starter with your friends but wait 'til you see this unique Origami Side Table. This cube-shaped table features geometric cutouts at one corner extending at the center. Placed beside a bed or a sofa, this side table will surely stand out!


Sami Side Table

Built for the 21st century, the Sami Side Table epitomizes all things modern and stylish in one piece. Designed like a cantilever with a round glass top and supported by double poles at one side. The base is made from chrome-coated steel in 'C' shape. Made for setting down a cup of coffee while you…


Aada Side Table

The only thing missing from your stylish living room is the Aada Side Table. It exudes luxurious style and simplicity with the rectangle shaped glass top balanced on multiple poles flared at one side and designed to resemble long fingers. Set it beside a soft gray sofa for a complete stylish appeal…


Cace Side Table

Sleek and modern, the Cace Side Table is a space-saving piece that you can add to your living room. Its beauty and elegance are undeniable as it comes with a sleek square cathedral tabletop perched on bent stainless steel legs. Place it at the side of a leather sectional or a regular couch to make…


Keene Side Table

…the Keene Side Table. This piece is made from durable yet lightweight wooden honeycomb material and coated with luminous high gloss white finish that blends with whatever the room's color scheme. Whether you have a modern or mid-century living room, you'll never go wrong with the Keene Side Table.

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Tria Side Table

The Tria Side Table’s dark wood body adds a stylish decor to any room. It is a great piece as a side table with two chairs or as an end table. There is also enough space underneath the glass that allows you to tuck away additional storage with a folding ottoman.


Alston Side Return

…to the Alston Side Return. It features a rugged Walnut melamine base with your choice of a white or black top. This side return includes one door at the side with interior shelving plus three smaller yet spacious drawers at the other side. Whatever you need to store, the Alston side return has you…

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Aileen Side Table

Add some sleek, modern pizzaz to your living space with the Aileen Side Table. Constructed from clear tempered glass and your choice of polished or brushed stainless steel, this side table channels simplicity, durability, and innovative sophistication in one piece. Round stainless steel tubing…

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Luton Side Table

The Luton Side Table is a simple yet versatile side table. This straight forward design features opaque black or red tempered glass on the top and bottom shelf surrounded by a sturdy and well balanced polished stainless steel frame. Its c-shaped form and minimal base allow it to be nested under many…


Cole Side Table

Sophistication meets minimalist. Cole side table offers the perfect amount of space for your necessary objects, and features a hidden drawer for the items you want to stow away. A simple yet sleek structure makes Cole a favorite among minimalists.


Finn Side Table

Resembling an oversized cone with both sides shaved off, this Finn Side Table will be one of the most artistic piece you will want to include in your home. Eyes will be drawn to the polished table top and wood base with tapered bottom. Place it beside an equally chic sectional or a loveseat and…

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Helix Side Table

The Helix Side Table brings visual interest, modern flair, and basic funtionality to a whole new level. It features a simple circular table top and base of opaque black tempered glass, but the vertical structure of this modern piece is anything but typical. Eight circular polished stainless steel…


Etta Side Table

The stunning Etta Side Table features a solid design mixing black oak wood veneer, tempered glass accent on top and a brushed aluminum base. The Etta is a sophisticated marriage of simplicity and functionality. Matching coffee table, console table and TV stand also available.


Louie Side Table

The Louie modern side table embodies the beauty of symmetrical structure and clean construction. Composed of oak wood grain veneer and clear tempered glass, it features a unique multi-level design conveying contemporary luxury. The Louie is the ideal conversation starter for any living area.


Radinka Side Table

The possibilities are endless for the Radinka side tables! Their adjustable height feature allow them to be placed almost anywhere! It features a strong, tempered glass base and top in a rainbow of colors. The stainless steel column is height adjustable and the simple, modern silhouette makes this…


Cecily Marble Side Table

A close cousin to the Cecily Dining Table, the top of the side table is 20” in diameter. Same marble or matte white top and delicate molded support. This one is more suited for cocktails and casual settings, and yet it brings the complete ultra modern look along with it.


Barrett Side Table

Minimalism will never be out of style, so complete your living room with the Barrett Side Table. It features a durable glass top and smooth round base that's light enough to be moved easily from one part of the house to another. Great for just a light-colored and tufted leather sectional or sofa…


Grian Side Table

The simple design of the Grian Side Table has its own appeal. It features a pared-down square-shaped table with a smooth wood grain finish and attached to sleek copper legs. This balanced and minimalist table is burnished to a high shine and perfect with a light-colored sofa set or sectional.


Altair Side Table

Make your space more inviting with the warm vibe of this Altair Side Table. With a beautiful walnut veneer on its round table top and supported by slim, geometrically styled chromed legs, this table offers an extra level surface and a more fashionable way of receiving guests.


Adaric Rectangular Side Table

Showcase a crystal vase or a modern metal lamp on top of versatile Adaric Rectangular Side Table. This compact and space-saving piece has a simple and unassuming wood top set on top of a T-shaped open work base. Tuck it beside a couch and an arm chair or beside the end of a spacious sectional.


Beda Side Chair

There's something about this Beda Side Chair that will make you stop and admire it for several minutes. It starts with the chair's slim steel frame with colored ropes wound around it to provide a unique seating experience. The breeze can pass through the tiny slits made by weaving the rope while the…

There were no results that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.