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Black Wall Art

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Black Lightning Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

Black Lightning is a metallic crack in the stormy night sky. Gone in a flash of light, this canvas art piece is a mix of radiant silver streaked with deep blacks and grays. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with high quality acrylic paints. The canvas is evenly stretched…

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Lunar Tranquility Canvas Art - 60" x 60"

Shoot for the moon with our new Lunar Tranquility Canvas Art piece. Thick palette knife and brushstrokes add three-dimensional depth to the luminous gradation between black and grey. Looks great by itself or purchase a pair to create a larger vignette. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavyweight…

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Sanctification Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

Cool and refreshing hues make up this Sanctification canvas wall art. Deep blues and delicate strokes of black make up a large portion of the surface with a calming white background. This daring wall art will elevate any space to a higher plane (of chic). Each painting is hand painted on 420g heavy…

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Pantomime Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

Part work of art and part Rorschach test, the Pantomime canvas wall art will have you staring at it for hours on end. This fabulous abstract artwork features an off-kilter grid background plus broad and generous strokes of black and yellow. Add a beautiful enigma to your house with this bold and…

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Chain Unbroken Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

The Chain Unbroken canvas wall art captures and matches the modern vibe of your home. This monotone work of art features a combination of stark white and muted gray background with a unique black chain illustration that runs from edge to edge. A must-have for modern offices and homes. Each piece is…


Broken Negative Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

Broad brush strokes in black and white are anything but monotonous in the Broken Negative Canvas Art. Like an explosive piece of silver nitrate film it bursts with energy that will add nuance to any modern space. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with high quality acrylic…

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Stratus Exploration Canvas Art - 60" x 60"

…an uplifting inspiration in painting form. Forget silver linings, these storm clouds are lined with intricate gold waves that contrast the deep blacks. Add a beautiful reminder to keep hustling to your modern living room or bedroom. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with…

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Crimson Industry Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

The Crimson Industry canvas wall art brightens a room with explosion of fauvist-inspired colors. Fiery reds and yellows are mixed with a touch of blue and splatters of black on a clean white background reminiscent of a flaming sunset at an abandoned carnival or factory wharf. Add a bold pop of color…

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Sunburnt in Surat Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

…canvas wall art reminds one of a summertime mirage with its fiery tones of red. Slashes of red, yellow, and black are scattered on its surface to drip and bleed together to form this vibrant piece. Small patches of blue accent this chic abstract piece that will scorch any boring wall down. Each…

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Glazed Transparency Canvas Art - 60" x 14"

…every inch of wall space with the Glazed Transparency Canvas Art piece. The black and white palette and long skinny proportions are perfect for adding some interest to that small blank section in your home or office. It's also a great companion piece with our Broken Negative Canvas Art. Alone or in…


Dynamic Exposure Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

Like an aerial view of a busy cityscape, our Dynamic Exposure Canvas Art will jazz up any contemporary office or home. Layers of grey and taupe are enclosed with abstract borders of black and white to create a nuanced sense of depth. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with…

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Inkwell Ripples Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

With the Inkwell Ripples Canvas Art your blues will fade away, but the style is here to stay. Immense droplets of blues are surrounded with delicate rings of black, gold and white. Let this painting ease any mental blocks with its' meditative color palette and design. Each piece is hand painted on…

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Foiled Concentration Canvas Art - 50" x 50"

Like a new idea not quite formed, our Foiled Concentration Canvas Art is a jumble of shapes in greys, gold and black. The faux collage style is like a neutral abstract dream. This might just be the missing piece you were looking for in your new office or home! Each piece is hand painted on 420g…