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Blue Wall Art


Glacial Impressions Canvas Art - 50" x 50"

Glacial Impressions Canvas Art is a modern-day Monet that will transform any room into your personal art gallery. The impressionistic brush strokes in teal blues and emerald greens mimic light on a frozen lake or falling water. Elevate your contemporary living or work space with this entrancing…


Sanctification Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

Cool and refreshing hues make up this Sanctification canvas wall art. Deep blues and delicate strokes of black make up a large portion of the surface with a calming white background. This daring wall art will elevate any space to a higher plane (of chic). Each painting is hand painted on 420g heavy…


Reflecting Horizons Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

The Reflecting Horizons canvas wall art is not only a mirror of forms, but also one of self-reflection. Chunky strokes of deep and light blues make it seem like you're looking at the sky reflected on a dark ocean. A sliver of warm yellow gives the impression of a pending sunrise while light gray…


Sky on Fire Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

Whimsical brushstrokes that resemble the remnants of a fireworks in late afternoon make up this unique Sky on Fire canvas wall art. Broad strokes of blue and gray resemble a cloudy sky, while deep orange and yellow strokes add life and color to this fanciful piece. Feast your eyes on a bold abstract…


Cyprus Sunrise Canvas Art - 50" x 50"

…from the Mediterranean right now, but you can always dream about Konnos or Makronissos beach thanks to the Cyprus Sunrise wall art. This abstract piece features vibrant blues and sunset gold brushstoke prints overlaid with splashes of white that resemble frothy waves. Ideal for the living room to…


Crimson Industry Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

The Crimson Industry canvas wall art brightens a room with explosion of fauvist-inspired colors. Fiery reds and yellows are mixed with a touch of blue and splatters of black on a clean white background reminiscent of a flaming sunset at an abandoned carnival or factory wharf. Add a bold pop of color…


Sunburnt in Surat Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

…canvas wall art reminds one of a summertime mirage with its fiery tones of red. Slashes of red, yellow, and black are scattered on its surface to drip and bleed together to form this vibrant piece. Small patches of blue accent this chic abstract piece that will scorch any boring wall down. Each…


Ethereal Sleet Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

Add a refreshing element to a room with the Ethereal Sleet canvas wall art. It features a combination of cool turquoise and aqua blue brushstroke and drip print that are like the last cold rain before spring. Set on a white back ground, it is interspersed with dark elements to give it a feeling that…


Cerulean Blur Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

Beautiful and rich curving strokes of turquoise swathe the Cerulean Blue Canvas Art piece. Undulating waves overlap to create a deep river of teal that shimmers in the light. Add this large love letter to the ocean to your condo living room or breezy bedroom to remind you of a relaxing day at the…


Inkwell Ripples Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

With the Inkwell Ripples Canvas Art your blues will fade away, but the style is here to stay. Immense droplets of blues are surrounded with delicate rings of black, gold and white. Let this painting ease any mental blocks with its' meditative color palette and design. Each piece is hand painted on…


Turquoise Melange Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

Love geometry? Then the Turquoise Melange canvas wall art was created especially for you. A riot of angles in cool shades of deep greens and crisp blues dominate a the white and gray background. The lone crimson brown triangle disrupts the subdued hues with a stray pop of color. Each painting is…

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Tranquil Thoughts Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

The Tranquil Thoughts canvas wall art lives up to its name with its serene combination of muted blues and bright yellows. Vaguely resembling a De Stijl modernist cityscape, this abstract wall art will surely dominate any domicile while having a thoroughly calming effect. Each painting is hand…


Liquid Teal Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

Brighten any beach house or modern space with the Liquid Teal Canvas Art piece. This painting evokes an undulating sea with swirls of turquoise and stark whites. Slip beneath the surface when you add this masterpiece to your walls. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with…


Passing Crowd Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

Like a mysterious stranger that catches your eye, our Passing Crowd Canvas Art will leave an impression on you. With a neutral and calming color palette of lights blues and browns, this painting is perfect for the bedroom or even office. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas…


Rite of Passage Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

…and modern elements are combined in the Rite of Passage wall art. Toned-down colors reminiscent of fall are featured in this abstract piece, but the seeming monotony is broken by a bold dark slash of charcoal and a subtle hue of blue. Perfect for the modern office lobby or home. Each piece is…