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Dark Blue

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Renata Lounge Chair

…eye-catching chair that is as comfortable as it is appealing. You’ll sink into luxurious bliss with the tub-style frame and low back. Available in Dark Teal, Black, Slate, Orange, Silver Gray, and White, this chair is sure to be a winning bet in your home. Color swatches are available upon request.…


Encore Sectional - Dark Teal

Our popular Wynn sectional is now available in a smaller size! Introducing the Encore. Elegant and Metropolitan, our Encore sectional in dark teal top grain leather with a split leather match on the back and sides will be a bold statement piece you'll own for many years to come. The sleek and…

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Boston Dining Chair

…cleaning and includes unique polished tubular stainless steel legs on the back. Available in your choice of Black, Brown, White, Cream, Dark Grey, Taupe, Red, and Dark Blue. There's a perfect color for every setting with the Boston dining chair collection. The suggested weight capacity is 220 lbs.

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Draper Leather Executive Chair

…spinal alignment. With leather and movements so smooth it will have you looking forward to working at the office or at home. Pair it with the matching guest chair for a complete set. Available in black, dark grey, dark teal blue, off-white and red leather. Suggested weight capacity is 418 pounds.

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Lush Bar Stool

The name says it all! The Lush Bar Stool combines lavish relaxation with a timeless style. The seat frame is generously padded with high-density foam and upholstered in premium, soft leatherette with channel tufting. The ludicrously comfortable seat is supported by a brushed stainless steel stem and…

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Lattice Bar Stool

The Lattice Bar Stool is a contemporary masterpiece. It features a wide and accommodating seat with a medium-height backrest for advanced support and relaxation. The seat frame is well padded with high-density foam and upholstered in premium soft leatherette with channel tufting. The superbly…


Crescent Bar Stool

With its' unique curved shape, the Crescent Bar Stool is guaranteed to pull you in. The modern low backrest with half-moon cut-out creates an interesting silhouette that won't obstruct your view. The seat itself is padded with high-density foam and then covered in soft faux leatherette which is easy…


Monza Bar Stool

The Monza Bar Stool is an undeniable eye-catcher. The ingenious design features a circular wrap-around mid-height backrest with an opening below that gives the seat more depth for relaxing back in. The extremely comfortable curved seat frame is cushioned with high density and upholstered in premium,…

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Jazz Bar Stool

Bring some Jazz into your life with these bold bar stools. The fun shape with peek-a-boo cut-out adds dimension to the room, while the high back support suits your relaxation needs. The seat itself is padded with high-density foam and then covered in soft faux leatherette which is easy to clean and…

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Lynx Counter Stool

The Lynx Counter Stool is a thoroughly modern piece with a sleek profile. The seat is padded with high-density foam and covered in soft faux leather for superior relaxation and easy cleaning. This extremely comfortable counter stool has a supportive backrest and a seat cushion that is slightly…

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Lynx Bar Stool

The Lynx Bar Stool is a thoroughly modern piece with a sleek profile. The seat is padded with high-density foam and covered in soft faux leather for superior relaxation and easy cleaning. This extremely comfortable bar stool has a supportive backrest and a seat cushion that is slightly elevated in…


Velvet Square Throw Pillow with Down Insert

While simplistic in design, the effortless effect these dazzling pillows will have in your space will be anything but that! With a classic, solid design that shines in its smooth construction, this piece will create a transitional, yet flawless look from room to room in any home decor. Genuinely…

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Coveteur Bar Stool

Looking for a bar stool that will be the envy of your friends and family? The Coveteur Bar Stool offers a subtly curved backrest and seat whose ergonomic comfort is sure to make your guests jealous. It features a supportive high backrest, a wide seat that swivels 360 degrees freely and a footrest…


Rochelle Bar Stool

Our best-selling Rochelle Bar Stool is a modern piece with a subtle retro twist. The gently curved backrest and seat are padded with high-density foam and covered in soft leatherette in a tufted quilted pattern. The exquisitely comfortable seat is supported by a brushed stainless steel base that…

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Cardone Leather Executive Chair

The Cardone Executive Chair will own any space. The leather and medium-density foam will sell the comfort of this chair on its own. The seat is adjustable in a variety of ways including a standard gas lift height adjustment lever. The reclining function transitions from fully upright at 90 degrees…

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Static Rug Cobalt

…your home décor. Successfully fusing faultless aspects of durable construction and refined conception, this piece forms a flowering example of impeccable artistry and design for every décor. Pantone Colors: Dark Blue(18-4029), Bright Blue(18-4036), Cream(12-0104), Camel(16-1407), Pale Blue(12-5508).

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Sterling Leather Executive Chair

The Sterling Leather Executive Chair has that sculpted look that gives off a modern, opulent vibe. Protect your back from aching while working long hours with the curved lumbar and head support with padding. The seat, back, and gently curving armrests feature a seamed lattice pattern on luxurious…

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Covey Leather Guest Chair

The Covey Guest Chair will make any space it occupies the go-to-meeting spot. With thick top grain leather and medium density foam, the discomfort will not be a topic on the agenda. This chair is the perfect accent in a home or corporate office that will draw attention to your outstanding taste.


Laurent Swivel Chair

The Laurent Swivel chair will make you feel like a high roller in your own home. With its classic lines and simple design, it can fit effortlessly into any room scheme. The expansive seat can accommodate all kinds of guests, and the top grain leather upholstery with split leather back and sides…

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Forbes Leather Executive Chair

…recline of the seat in comparison to the backrest. This prevents the rocking chair effect and helps keep your feet on the ground while still increasing blood circulation and better spinal alignment. Don't wait any longer, with the Forbes Leather Executive Chair you've just found your next blue chip.

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Schism Burst Rug

…unique patterns and color with a series of scintillating shades found within each. Pantone Colors: Lime(15-0743), Ivory(12-0404), Black(19-4305), Tan(15-0309), Charcoal(18-0510), Dark Brown(19-1034), Bright Blue(19-4340), Navy(19-3921), Taupe(15-6307), Beige(14-1107), Ivory(13-0000), Denim(18-3918).

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Rite of Passage Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

…art. Toned-down colors reminiscent of fall are featured in this abstract piece, but the seeming monotony is broken by a bold dark slash of charcoal and a subtle hue of blue. Perfect for the modern office lobby or home. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with high quality…

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Ethereal Sleet Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

…Ethereal Sleet canvas wall art. It features a combination of cool turquoise and aqua blue brushstroke and drip print that are like the last cold rain before spring. Set on a white back ground, it is interspersed with dark elements to give it a feeling that is both calming and slightly brooding. Each…

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Reflecting Horizons Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

…canvas wall art is not only a mirror of forms, but also one of self-reflection. Chunky strokes of deep and light blues make it seem like you're looking at the sky reflected on a dark ocean. A sliver of warm yellow gives the impression of a pending sunrise while light gray layers make it appear less…