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Dine 4 Chairs


Mambo Dining Table Set with Chairs

…Mambo Dining Chairs. The Mambo Dining Chair defines sleekness with its high back and swooping back legs. Finished in dark chocolate patterned PU fabric with supporting backrest, this gem is cozy and a delight to sit in. Suggested weight capacity per chair is 265 pounds. The table can accommodate 4

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Montez Dining Table Set with Chairs

dining chairs. The discerning Montez Dining Chair is the ultimate in elegance and sophistication, boasting a unique rounded high back, monochromatic stitching, and sleek black leatherette detailing extending down to the legs. Suggested weight capacity is 265 pounds per chair. Extra chairs are…


Malbec Dining Table Set with Chairs

…eight guests. We have paired it with our best selling Boston Dining Chairs. The Boston creates a statement of sophistication to match the marble table. Its' formal vertical seatback is designed for comfort and visual appeal. The chairs are beautifully finished with high-quality leatherette for easy…


Gale Dining Table Set with 2 Chairs

…this dining set will be the in the center of it all. The stainless steel table frame is protected with Tiger© Powder Coating in either Black or White, using a three step process that will defend from scratches, peeling, and rusting. The set also includes two of our unique Kaia Dining Chairs. The…

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Gale Dining Table

…Powder Coating the stainless steel frame is coated using a three step process that will defend from scratches, peeling, and rusting. The size of this table is versatile enough to fit on balconies and nooks or stand alone in your backyard. Complete the look with the Kaia dining chairs. Seats up to 4.

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Montez Extension Dining Table

…to extend, one person can effortlessly operate it. The Montez dining table creates a unique and stunning focal point in your dining room. The rectangular glass table sits on top of four polished stainless steel legs. The Montez chairs offer a smooth and simple seating experience. The Montez is…

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Innit Chair - White Frame

The Innit Chair is a contemporary lounge or occasional chair suitable for indoors and out. Composed of a tripod metal base and seat woven with vinyl cord. The Innit Chair is similar in construction and form to our Acapulco chair though slightly less reclined with a circular frame. The galvanized…