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Gray Art


Dynamic Exposure Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

Like an aerial view of a busy cityscape, our Dynamic Exposure Canvas Art will jazz up any contemporary office or home. Layers of grey and taupe are enclosed with abstract borders of black and white to create a nuanced sense of depth. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with…


Glazed Transparency Canvas Art - 60" x 14"

…with the Glazed Transparency Canvas Art piece. The black and white palette and long skinny proportions are perfect for adding some interest to that small blank section in your home or office. It's also a great companion piece with our Broken Negative Canvas Art. Alone or in a pair, this piece is…


Sky on Fire Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

Whimsical brushstrokes that resemble the remnants of fireworks in the late afternoon make up this unique Sky on Fire Canvas Wall Art. Broad strokes of blue and gray resemble a cloudy sky, while deep orange and yellow strokes add life and color to this fanciful piece. Feast your eyes on a bold…


Reflecting Horizons Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

…Horizons canvas wall art is not only a mirror of forms, but also one of self-reflection. Chunky strokes of deep and light blues make it seem like you're looking at the sky reflected on a dark ocean. A sliver of warm yellow gives the impression of a pending sunrise while light gray layers make it…


Chain Unbroken Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

The Chain Unbroken canvas wall art captures and matches the modern vibe of your home. This monotone work of art features a combination of stark white and muted gray background with a unique black chain illustration that runs from edge to edge. A must-have for modern offices and homes. Each piece is…


Turquoise Melange Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

Love geometry? Then the Turquoise Melange canvas wall art was created especially for you. A riot of angles in cool shades of deep greens and crisp blues dominate a the white and gray background. The lone crimson brown triangle disrupts the subdued hues with a stray pop of color. Each painting is…

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Violet Infusions Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

…yet still impressive work of art, then the Violet Infusions canvas wall art is definitely for you. This piece is a study in geometry and dimension with its interesting angles in muted violets and grays. Add a splash of color to a room with this chic and modern wall art. Each painting is hand painted…

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Black Lightning Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

Black Lightning is a metallic crack in the stormy night sky. Gone in a flash of light, this canvas art piece is a mix of radiant silver streaked with deep blacks and grays. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with high quality acrylic paints. The canvas is evenly stretched…


Lunar Tranquillity Canvas Art - 60" x 60"

Shoot for the moon with our new Lunar Tranquility Canvas Art piece. Thick palette knife and brushstrokes add three-dimensional depth to the luminous gradation between black and grey. Looks great by itself or purchase a pair to create a larger vignette. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavyweight…


Concrete Deco Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

This Concrete Deco canvas wall art is chock-full of brooding yet striking three-dimensional shapes. Thoroughly modern, this abstract piece features bold and angular shapes printed in vibrant gold and subdued grey neutral tones. Ideal for the contemporary offices, boutiques, and homes. Each painting…


Foiled Concentration Canvas Art - 50" x 50"

Like a new idea not quite formed, our Foiled Concentration Canvas Art is a jumble of shapes in greys, gold and black. The faux collage style is like a neutral abstract dream. This might just be the missing piece you were looking for in your new office or home! Each piece is hand painted on 420g…


Elysium Breeze Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

…canvas is evenly stretched over a solid Monterey pine wood frame and back stapled with precise blanket fold corners. For your convenience dual D-ring hangers are pre-installed on the back so you can easily mount your new art either vertical or horizontal. Every piece is unique and may vary slightly.


Silver Ribbons Canvas Art - 48" x 48"

Gallery quality hand painted art. A sumptuous one of a kind creation. Each piece is started on a white canvas and a paint brush. Feel the texture, and enjoy the vibrant colors that only oil and acrylic paint can deliver.


Blue Lines Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

The delicate strokes of colors on white canvas provides a gallery quality art. Each piece is a hand painted canvas wall décor and hand crafted by a single talented artist from start to finish. Each canvas is replicated, down to the brushstroke, by an individual craftsman to provide unmatched quality…


Helio High Shelving Unit

The Helio High Shelving Unit can either be used simply as a bookshelf or it can also double as a room divider. It features four spacious shelves for your book collection, assorted pieces of art, and souvenirs. Versatile and easy to clean.


Enzo Extension Dining Table

A classic and minimalistic piece of art, the Enzo contemporary dining table is the one you've been waiting for and a superb choice for any modern dining space. The Enzo will seat 6-10 guests comfortably with its generous 94-inch total length (includes 16-inch twin-leaf extensions), polished…


Enzo Dining Table Set with Chairs

A classic and minimalistic piece of art, the Enzo contemporary dining table is the one you've been waiting for and a superb choice for any modern dining space. The Enzo will seat 8-10 guests comfortably with its generous 95-inch total length (includes 16-inch twin-leaf extensions). Polished…