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Living Room Wall Art

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Crimson Industry Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

…canvas wall art brightens a room with explosion of fauvist-inspired colors. Fiery reds and yellows are mixed with a touch of blue and splatters of black on a clean white background reminiscent of a flaming sunset at an abandoned carnival or factory wharf. Add a bold pop of color to a living room or…

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Gravity in Balance Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

Upgrade an office or a contemporary living room with the modern Gravity in Balance canvas wall art. This abstract piece features seemingly random brushstrokes and colors that come together to in a delicate and harmonious asymmetry. Ideal for lakeside havens or urban jungles to inspire your…

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Shifting Nebula Canvas Art - 80" x 50"

…the universe without leaving your house with the Shifting Nebula canvas wall art. This piece is a pool of brilliant colors splattered on a pure white background that makes each hue stand out. A must-have for the modern living room or office. Each painting is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton…

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Stratus Exploration Canvas Art - 60" x 60"

…these storm clouds are lined with intricate gold waves that contrast the deep blacks. Add a beautiful reminder to keep hustling to your modern living room or bedroom. Each piece is hand painted on 420g heavy weight cotton canvas with high quality acrylic paints. The canvas is evenly stretched over…

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Cyprus Sunrise Canvas Art - 50" x 50"

…about Konnos or Makronissos beach thanks to the Cyprus Sunrise wall art. This abstract piece features vibrant blues and sunset gold brushstoke prints overlaid with splashes of white that resemble frothy waves. Ideal for the living room to give it that modern exotic coastal vibe. Each piece is…

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Sky on Fire Canvas Art - 96" x 70"

…up this unique Sky on Fire Canvas Wall Art. Broad strokes of blue and gray resemble a cloudy sky, while deep orange and yellow strokes add life and color to this fanciful piece. Feast your eyes on a bold abstract beauty when you hang this in your living room or office. Each painting is hand-painted…

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Glacial Impressions Canvas Art - 50" x 50"

Glacial Impressions Canvas Art is a modern-day Monet that will transform any room into your personal art gallery. The impressionistic brush strokes in teal blues and emerald greens mimic light on a frozen lake or falling water. Elevate your contemporary living or work space with this entrancing…

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Cerulean Blur Canvas Art - 72" x 48"

…and rich curving strokes of turquoise swathe the Cerulean Blue Canvas Art piece. Undulating waves overlap to create a deep river of teal that shimmers in the light. Add this large love letter to the ocean to your condo living room or breezy bedroom to remind you of a relaxing day at the beach. Each…