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Mirror Lamp

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Omir Table Lamp

Brighten up a room with the Omir Table Lamp. The regular bell-shaped shade is made of faux silk, while the transparent glass base features a softly rounded bottom that's reminiscent of 1920s glam combined with Moroccan elements. It comes with a stable metal base. Set it on top of a small dresser or…


Parker Mirror

A classic beveled mirror is surrounded by multi-level beveled mirror pieces – the effect is a three-dimensional circular showpiece. Our Parker wall mirror promises to be the signature element in you room.


Greene Mirror

Create an optical illusion to make a room larger with this Greene Mirror. Give a room an instant makeover with its smooth rectangular mirror bordered with a sturdy box frame. This tall mirror also brightens a room, and can be mounted on the wall or just standing on the floor.


Sonoma Mirror

…inspired design and intelligent functionality to the modern bathroom. The Sonoma Mirror with aluminum metal frame harmonizes with the collection's vanities and wall cabinet for a contemporary, coordinated design palette. It can also stand alone as a graceful accent piece. Mirror hangs vertically.


Catalina Mirror

Made of oblongs in a stunning parallel and perpendicular configuration, this mirror works perfectly in the hall by the door or hung sideways over the fireplace.


Baka Mirror

Sunburst mirrors have been brightening interiors for centuries. With its large scale sparkling rays, our Baka design is a style icon for today.


Lige Mirror - 52"

Uplift any space with the elegant Lige mirror. With the sturdy hanging system on the back, this mirror can hang horizontally anywhere your heart desires. The dimension of the edges brightens the surrounding space.


Briza Mirror - 42"

By creating this mirror from smaller shapes, you will certainly add dimension to your space. The unique pattern portrays excitement for anyone to enjoy. This accent mirror will stand out in any room it occupies.


Bryder Mirror - 44"

Falling in love with the Bryder mirror is inevitable. The shape and dimension of this mirror designs a captivating incident. Hanging vertically or horizontally, the dual hanging brackets provides diversity in the display.


Rainbow Makeup Mirror

Modern lines and an unexpected style make this mirror a perfect addition to your contemporary bathroom or dressing table space. Freestanding mirror features glass, thermoplastic construction, with various finishes to match nearly any decor theme.

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Saunder Mirror - 33"

The blue color of this mirror creates cool accents wherever it lies. The dimensions of the frame give hints of waves in a continuous motion. With the superior hanging system on the back, this mirror will give your home long lasting relaxing vibes.


Maze Mirror - 39"

The arrangement of the Maze mirror offers natural dimension and brightness for the space it occupies. The gray tone adds color to the reflection creating a new scene at every angle. The attached hanging system will allow for this mirror to display in any room that needs that stand out accent piece.


Lasche Mirror - 39"

Add some glamour to any space with the Lasche mirror. The curvy design of the mirror will catch the eye of whoever crosses its path. With the black powder coated frame, this accent piece will stay watchful for years to come.

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Dauphin Mirror - 39"

With French roots, this mirror is truly fit for a queen. The black frame adds crisp lines and depth that will brighten up your space. You are sure to feel like royalty whenever you get a glimpse.


Apex Mirror - 38"

At the height of sophistication, the Apex mirror is superior. With the continuous flow of the trapezoid shaped frame, its atmosphere will brighten greatly. The experience of the reflections will vary appreciably.

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Malibu Mirror - 47"

The sophisticated and modern Malibu mirror is the perfect accent for this collection. The assembly on the back allows for a horizontal layout over the accent chest or a vertical display over the accent table. This can also independently bring a modern twist to any space.


Aperture Mirror - 40"

The unique configuration of this mirror will surely capture everyone’s attention. This is the perfect accent for any entryway or empty wall. The standard silver option is a classic focal piece that stands out while blending in. Alternatively the red glass version will add just the right amount of…


Rist Mirror - 46"

The alternating parallelogram shapes in this mirror will certainly add dimension to any space. With the option to hang horizontally or vertically by the dual hanging brackets, the ability to widen or heighten a room is possible. The shadows created by the texture will add a romantic ambiance.


Fret Mirror - 43"

The geometric pattern around the interior mirror creates a visually appealing concept. With the dimension on the frame, you can expect to experience different reflections hanging horizontally or vertically. The voids produce a robust look that will accent empty walls perfectly.


Soltar Mirror - 51"

With dramatic texture and geometric shapes, this one-of-a-kind mirror is a definite conversation piece. Perfect vertically in an entryway or horizontally above a mantle, prepare for a gorgeous addition to your home. Each fragment is hand-cut and specially placed adding dimension to catch the light,…

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Caleido Mirror - 51"

You will reminisce in the reflection of the Caledio mirror. By featuring different sized elements, many visions can be seen. Elongate the room by hanging vertically or widen the capacity by hanging horizontally with the dual hanging brackets.


Apala Leaner Mirror - 72"

The elegant Apala mirror will become your wall’s new best friend. By leaning or hanging, this mirror simplifies large, empty wall space. The black beveled edges add modern sophistication. Add both light and create the illusion of more space by adding mirrors to any space.


Ember Mirror Radiant Heating Panel

Ember Glass Radiant Panel line captivates with its slim design and elegant appearance. Every panel comes with an assembly help on the backside which allows easy vertical or horizontal application. Zone heating, the fact that you are in control of where and when you want heating means, you can make…


Lava Mirror Radiant Heating Panel

LAVA® Glass heating systems from WarmlyYours look great in any room in your home, and are not only energy efficient, but they’re stylish and sleek. Lending an air of class and elegance to any home, this beautiful design provides your home with the benefits of infrared heating. They can be fixed to a…

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Cristallo Table Lamp

The Crisallo Table Lamp is an experiece that is sure to dazzle. This unqiue lamp features a chrome finish and floating crystals. The Crisallo Table Lamp is a sparkling, tinkling piece to add to your space.


Outreach Arc Lamp

Big lamp, big statement. The Outreach arc lamp features an oversized white acrylic dome shade and can reach a height of nearly 90 inches with the help of the adjustable balance arm. The fixture is lamped with a 150 Watt incandescent or equivalent CFL bulb


Director Floor Lamp

Black metal tripod floor lamp with a sleek, clean modern vibe. It features a matching fabric drum shade.


Square Table Lamp

The Square Table Lamp by Seed Design exemplifies how the simplest of designs are always effortless and evolving. Square incorporates LED lighting which efficiently requires less power and environmentally saves 80% energy. This lamp offers impressive flexibility that allows you to rotate its shade…

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Swipe Touch Lamp

Light up any work space in a flash by simply touching the chrome surface of this ultra-modern lamp. Simple to use activation, a unique crescent shape and an enhanced super-bright 3W LED light, make the Swipe Touch Desk Lamp an amazing addition to any home or office.

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Wand Table Lamp

Cylindrical frosted sconces create a soft glow, accenting the modern design of the tubular brushed metal nickel arms on the Wand Table Lamp. If you like a subtle contemporary look, this lamp is the perfect choice. Uses 40-watt G9 halogen bulbs.

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Calder Table Lamp

Don’t be fooled by something so small. The Calder Table Lamp's LED is super bright at 1 x 5W Hi Power LED. This modern lamp is great for the office or home. The unique base, LED head and pendulum chrome arm make this a truly beautiful and functional lighting design.


Masai Floor Lamp

…Masai Floor Lamp is a masterpiece when it comes to ambient lighting and chic design. Illumine a bedroom or living room with its cone-shaped lampshade mounted on a long slim rod that also houses the lamp's cord. Its angular easel-like base offers stability and balances this stylish lamp. Place it…


Carry Table Lamp

The Carry Table Lamp by Seed Design marries utility with design. Not only is this lamp chic enough to spruce up any space it also serves as a great light source, it is strategically designed with a plate to hold daily essentials such as keys and coins. The Carry helps you achieve meticulous order in…

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Wand Floor Lamp

Cylindrical frosted sconces create a soft glow, accenting the modern design of the tubular brushed metal nickel arms on the Wand Floor Lamp. If you like a subtle contemporary look, this lamp is the perfect choice. Uses 40-watt G9 halogen bulbs.


Neville Table Lamp

Illuminate your workspace with the help of the Neville Table Lamp. It has a sturdy and spacious cone shade that offers focus and adequate lighting. It is supported by an arched wood neck cleverly designed to hide the lamp wires and supported by a simple rectangular base. Place it on top of your desk…

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Luce Table Lamp

Seeking to add a raw, and unfinished element to your space? Look no further than the Luce Table Lamp! The Luce Table Lamp allows you to indulge in modern flair without going overboard. Its white cotton drum shade provides clean lines, while its elliptical shaped concrete finished resin base adds…

There were no results that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.