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Round Coffee Coffee

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Corbe 41" Coffee Table

Straight lines and curvi-linear forms make the Corbe Coffee Table an easy example of versatility in modern design. Its' round smoked black tempered glass top is enclosed halfway around by brushed stainless steel framing, lending it an unfinished but avant-garde look. The glass rests securely atop…


Falcone 39" Coffee Table

The Falcone Coffee Table is a mind-bending piece that looks different from every angle. The meticulous design resembles folded paper with its' fan-like strips of polished stainless steel twisting and turning. This zig-zag shaped base supports a thick piece of round clear tempered glass. Matching…


Spira 47" Coffee Table

…art-deco vogue, the Spira Coffee Table is a modern design marvel. Its streamlined structure is crafted from polished stainless steel, while a black opaque glass top sets a unique contrast. Designed to be arresting and versatile at the same time, this unassuming round table separates into five…

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Carmesi 39" Coffee Table

…your living or lounging space with the Carmesi Coffee Table. Combining the warmth of red tempered glass with the cool luster of polished stainless steel, this table is a portrait of contrasts. The crisscrossing steel base also counters the wide round top. Modern geometrical forms and an electrifying…


Contour 39" Coffee Table

Sleek, modern design will orbit into view with our Contour Coffee Table. A beautiful mix of concentric circles, the Contour features a wide, offset round top of thick tempered glass. This is bisected by a column of stainless steel with a ribbon of matte black steel at the base. The top of the column…


Trimont 59" Round Dining Table

There's more to the Trimont 59 Inch Round Dining Table than meets the eye, especially with its' unique sculptural base and distinct blend of angles, lines, and curves. A wide clear tempered glass top balances on a three-pointed steel pyramidal base which shifts in form, depending on your viewpoint.…


Falcone Console Table

…strips of polished stainless steel twisting and turning. This zig-zag shaped base supports a thick piece of round clear tempered glass. Matching pieces are available including a coffee table and two larger dining tables as well. The Falcone Console Table is a visually stunning table that is sure…


Corbe End Table

…matched only by its interesting base structure. Three straight steel legs meet at the bottom in an unexpected T-shape that contrasts straight lines and with the floating round top. Add the Corbe End Table as a complement to the Corbe Coffee Table or have it as stand-alone with a chic lounge chair.


Contour End Table

round top of thick tempered glass. This is intersected by a column of polished stainless steel with a wider base of matte black steel at the bottom. The top of the column pierces the glass and forms a miniature tray for holding everyday items like coasters. Pair it with the matching coffee table to…

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Carmesi End Table

…visual interest when viewed at an angle. With the T-shaped base contrasting the round top, the Carmesi End Table is a study in sharp lines, angles and curves. Pair it with the equally avant garde coffee table to complete a bold space or use it as a stand-alone pop of color in any contemporary…