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Wall Mirror


Parker Mirror

A classic beveled mirror is surrounded by multi-level beveled mirror pieces – the effect is a three-dimensional circular showpiece. Our Parker wall mirror promises to be the signature element in you room.


Sonoma Mirror

…inspired design and intelligent functionality to the modern bathroom. The Sonoma Mirror with aluminum metal frame harmonizes with the collection's vanities and wall cabinet for a contemporary, coordinated design palette. It can also stand alone as a graceful accent piece. Mirror hangs vertically.


Lava Mirror Radiant Heating Panel

…an air of class and elegance to any home, this beautiful design provides your home with the benefits of infrared heating. They can be fixed to a wall both horizontally as well as vertically. Available in 4 different sizes. 25" Size: 250 watts and 2.08 amps. 35" Size: 500 watts and 4.17 amps. 51"…

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Apala Leaner Mirror - 72"

The elegant Apala mirror will become your wall’s new best friend. By leaning or hanging, this mirror simplifies large, empty wall space. The black beveled edges add a modern sophistication.

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Reflecting Horizons Canvas Art - 96 x 70"

The Reflecting Horizons canvas wall art is not only a mirror of forms, but also one of self-reflection. Chunky strokes of deep and light blues make it seem like you're looking at the sky reflected on a dark ocean. A sliver of warm yellow gives the impression of a pending sunrise while light gray…


Fret Mirror - 42.7"

The geometric pattern around the interior mirror creates a visually appealing concept. With the dimension on the frame, you can expect to experience different reflections hanging horizontally or vertically. The voids produce a robust look that will accent empty walls perfectly.


Norton Mirror

…Norfolk Mirror. This rectangular mirror reaches up to six feet and set inside a sturdy wood frame with walnut or lacquer finish that makes it perfect with minimalist homes. Just lean it on a wall and see yourself in a different light (and different angles too!). You can also use this mirror to…


Devyn Mirror - 24"

Add understated glamor to your hallway or bedroom with the 24-inch Devyn Mirror. It features a large and smooth round mirror bordered with a leather-wrapped steel frame and buckle accent on each side. Hang it on an empty wall on your bedroom as an accent or place it side-by-side with framed pictures…


Gael Mirror

Create an optical illusion to make a room larger with this Gael Mirror. Give a room an instant makeover with its smooth rectangular mirror bordered with a sturdy box frame. This tall mirror also brightens a room, and can be mounted on the wall or just standing on the floor.